What is triangulation fraud? Learn here.

Triangulation fraud happens when an innocent customer makes a purchase on a third-party marketplace, except the item they receive was fraudulently purchased from another retailer’s website.

Here's how triangulation fraud works:

  • A fraudster sets up a third-party marketplace to look like a legitimate online store.
  • A valid customer purchases a product on the third-party marketplace.
  • The fraudster collects the valid customer’s shipping and payment information and orders the same product from a legitimate retailer.
  • The fraudster provides shipping information for the valid customer and payment information stolen from another customer on the legitimate retailer’s site.
  • The legitimate retailer processes the fraudster’s order, shipping it to the valid customer’s address provided during checkout and charging the innocent victim’s credit card.
  • The valid customer receives the actual item they ordered, but they’re credit card information is now likely to be used in another transaction with another valid customer.

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