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What pre- and post-implementation support does ClearSale offer?

Pre-Implementation Support

Each customer is assigned an IT consultant during integration, and clients are assisted by ClearSale’s IT manager and their integration department. Our Fraud Operations Manager handles business- and performance-related questions.

Post-Implementation Support

Post-integration training is simple, because ClearSale offers a service/decision and not a workbench or collection of tools to be managed. After implementation, relationships will be focused on managing results (regardless of market changes), new tools integrated by ClearSale, etc. Because there’s no manual intervention needed by merchants/clients, the user interface is used mainly to watch the performance of ClearSale’s solution.

ClearSale offers 24/7 support with post-sale consultants by phone and email. Customers also have access to three teams after they go live:

  • The Support team (who helps with integration issues)
  • The Finance team (who helps with billing and refunding issues)
  • The Post-Sales team (who helps with performance issues and general questions)

Customers can also have a dedicated enterprise account manager assigned to their account. Each account manager has experience with large accounts and reports directly to the Operations team, which ensures that issue resolution is agile. Account managers are responsible for managing the relationship with you and escalating any issues/concerns and keep your team up to date on any enhancements or changes to the ClearSale solution.

Account managers can schedule standing meetings to talk through performance KPIs and provide recommendations/advice; they can also provide face-to-face quarterly reviews. Should a dispute arise, the account manager will escalate the issue to the director of operations, who has resolution authority. The account manager will share with you whether we are to be involved in any suits or settlements.

To achieve the best benefits, we’ve developed a post-implementation program that focuses on these key areas:

  • Customized system integration. After understanding the client’s structure, ClearSale will provide all technical materials to make the systems integration viable.
  • Analysis of past orders. This lets ClearSale build a customized statistical model and analyze financial returns based on expected performance improvements.
  • Customization of the statistical model and any business rules. This ensures the client’s needs are accurately reflected.
  • Economic/financial analysis and presentation of the resulting study. This is an optional component.
  • Implementation and management of success indicators. This continues on an ongoing basis.