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To be fully protected, must merchants layer another solution on top of the ClearSale platform?

No. ClearSale is a complete solution that provides merchants with the final decision on whether to approve or decline each order. Once you install the ClearSale solution, no further effort is required, and your burden of updating tools and adapting to evolving fraud attacks is removed. 

Because ClearSale offers an end-to-end fraud management solution — combining advanced technology software, artificial intelligence algorithms and manual review — you don’t need to combine any other fraud prevention tool or resource with ours. Instead, merchants just need to monitor their results across three main KPIs: chargeback rate, analysis time and approval rate. 

ClearSale aims to offer peace of mind and the freedom for each merchant to focus on its core business. And because ClearSale charges a fixed price per transaction, it’s easier for merchants to forecast costs. Merchants don’t have to think about managing different suppliers, hiring/firing costs for fraud analysts because of demand variations, etc.