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How does ClearSale prevent fraud attacks?

ClearSale’s solutions include real-time fraud risk management support. This incorporates several features: setting the cutoff score, offering support for creating specific queues, defining and tracking rules for automatic approval or sending requests for manual analysis, and having a Batch Analysis team that specializes in analyzing fraud attack patterns and behaviors in clusters of orders. 

Here’s how the Batch Analysis team works:

  1. ClearSale’s Data Management team analyzes fraud incidents and creates rules that cluster similar orders (e.g., orders that appear to have originated from the same fraudster or that display similar patterns of behavior)
  2. Our Batch Analysis experts analyze these clusters of orders and determine if a suspected transaction is a true fraud attack.

We know that professional fraudsters normally attack one or several companies in as short a period as possible. Our proactive monitoring and ability to identify attack patterns prevent fraudsters from placing orders and lets us apply the lessons learned to hundreds of other transactions.