How does ClearSale differ from other fraud vendors?

While most fraud prevention programs focus on fraud scoring and filters, ClearSale is a complete fraud case management solution that provides an approve or decline decision on each order. Because ClearSale doesn’t deny any transactions based solely on artificial intelligence (no auto declines), we boast the highest approval rates and lowest decline rates in the industry. Here’s what else sets us apart:

  • ClearSale approves or declines each order quickly and accurately with a comprehensive solution focused on delivering higher approvals and lower fraud.
  • ClearSale never automatically declines orders that are suspected of fraud – because we know that fraud is not always black or white. Instead, we manually review every “grey area” order to validate whether it is fraudulent or legitimate. This ensures you are able to approve every legitimate order and block every fraudulent one.
  • ClearSale is the only fully outsourced fraud management solution that can support enterprise accounts with global ambitions. We never restrict the countries into which you sell.
  • ClearSale has prevented fraud in the most complex and dynamic international e-commerce markets. We were founded in Brazil — one of the riskiest markets in the world — and currently hold 85% market share there, which means no other vendor can match our expertise in risky markets.