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Can ClearSale handle abrupt changes in transaction volumes?

Yes. We understand that for many merchants, sales volumes can vary dramatically on a daily or seasonal basis. ClearSale’s business model already expects variations in volume, and merchants don’t have to worry about sales peaks. We’re prepared for these scenarios and can analyze all transactions with the same level of speed and accuracy, even when your store is suddenly handling a number of orders that is far above average. For example, if your store processes an average of 300 orders a day, but suddenly this number jumps to 1,500, we’ll ensure our operations and processes keep pace with sales and ensure we provide our services at the same speed and accuracy. This means your fraud protection solution never gets in the way of your revenue.

ClearSale applies these methodologies to manage peak traffic:

  • Reallocate fraud analysts to support the merchants with the highest traffic. Usually, peak traffic periods don’t occur at the same time among all merchants.
  • Analyze the data to determine normal and abnormal behavior based on the previous holiday season, so we can automate the approval rates.
  • Update our fraud rules and thresholds for risky orders. The behavior of fraudsters who were able to steal last year can help us better define risk thresholds to stop similar attacks this year. Usually, the proportion of good orders increases much more than fraud attempts, which allows us to increase the threshold for manual reviewing orders, freeing up resources to deal with the higher traffic.